Press Brake Scale MLS 420

Especially it is recommended for application with a measuring length of to 2040 mm in high speed and high vibration environment and small places.

MLS 420 is usable right or left in the same scale with its portable reference point. It has large mounting tolerance with its design.

Key Features :

  • RSA22 differential quadrature Output
  • Portable Reference Point
  • Socket System Sensor
  • Smooth Slide
  • Contactless System
  • Protection Class IP67
  • Large Mounting Tolerance
  • Usable for left or right in the same scale
  • Compatible with Delem, Cybelec and ESA Controller
Output Type Pull - Push or TTL Rs442 Line Driver
Output Signals A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z
Input Current Nominal 50mA
Output Current 70mA
Power Supply PPL:10..30VCD or TTL:5 VCD
Electrical Connection Cable max, 50m
Housing Material -Aluminium
Magnetic Tape B1, B2 & B5 Nitrill rubber
Travel Velocity 3m/s
Repeatability +/- 1 count
Operating Temperature -25 to +85
Connetion Standard : 5 or 8 * D, 14mm, shied-ed cable, Optical : connection for Delem, Cybele, ESA with D-sub 9 din
Protection Class IP67

Press Brake Scale LTS 420

LTS is a high precision Magnetic Linear Encoder LTS System that operates incremental principles. It consists of sensing head and a magnetically encoded tape. Magnetic tapes are commonly made from a magnetic tape itself made from Strontium ferrite bonded into a plastic or rubber (Electrometric) matrix which is then bonded onto a steel support.

The Magnetic Tape System is mounted on the actuating rod and is coupled free of backlash, this guaranteeing the highest accuracy and the longest lifetime.

  • RSA22 differential quadrature Output
  • Excellent Stability of Signals
  • Contactless System
  • Fully sealed, protection class IP67
  • Registant to Dirt, Humidity and Dust
  • Withstands Shock and vibration
  • Single reference marker
  • Compressed aire inlet at the scale end block
  • Double protection along the sliding side
Defined Electrical Ranges 50-75-100-120150-200-170-200-220-250-270-300-320-370-400-450-500-550-600-650-700-750
Output Type Push - Pull or TTL Line Driver
Electrical Connection 4 pin female socket
Power Supply PP : 24VCD or TTL : 5 VCD
Repeatability +1 pulse
Protection Class IP65
Temperature Range -20 c +85 c
Life Infinite
Mechanical Fixing With 2 ball joints
Rod material Stainless Steel