Absolute Rotary Encoder

Absolute single turn and multi turn (battery buffered) solid shaft rotary encoders are used for generation of coded output signals which provide information about controlled object absolute position.
In single turn version, rotary encoder AK36 has a resolution from 9 up to 21 bit per revolution. Output signals interface is BiSS C or SSI. Operating principle is photoelectrical.
In multiturn version, AK36 has single turn resolution from 9 up to 21 bit per revolution with 12/16/20/24 bit resolution of multiturn counter on BiSS C interface with SSI interface the encoder AK36 has a resolution from 9 up to 21 bit per revolution with 9 up to 40-bit resolution of the multiturn counter. The battery is placed inside of encoder. Operating principle is photoelectrical and magnetic.
Absolute encoder is intended to use in the robotics industry, automated and automatized lines in the industry, control devices of equipment and machines, various control systems, precise machine tools and others.

Magnification / Optics :

  • 20X / 30X

Coordinate Slide :

  • X-Y stage measuring top size 360mm X 200mm.
  • Made in CI and Linear Bearings for durability and smooth operations.
  • X-axis movement : 200mm(+/- 100mm)
  • Y-axis movement : +/-60mm(only focusing )
  • Z-axis movement : 160mm(+/-80mm)

Illumination :

  • Main illumination : 24V,150W halogen lamp.
  • Episcopic illumination : 24V, 70W two halogen lamps.
  • Cooling : Super efficient radial blower cooling system.

Power Supply :

  • 230V AC single phase.

Projection System :

  • Diascopic/Counter System : Shadow is projected on the screen.
  • Episcopic : Job surface illuminated.

External Features :

  • Main body is made in fabricated steel.
  • Whole body is powder coated for longer life.

DRO Measurement Features :

  • 5 micron least count.
  • Linear Measurements.
  • Arc / Radius Measurements.
  • Angular Measurement.
  • RS232 PC support.

Optional Features :

  • Various "Screen Overlay Charts" can be provided according to customers' needs.
  • Worktable customization at marginal cost.
  • Provision for between Center job mounting.

Models Available(Screen Diameter) :

  • 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm.

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